Media Portfolio

The Whistle

  • Resident food writer for ‘The Whistle‘ magazine
  • Double page feature in every issue – bimonthly
  • ‘The Whistle’ is a new local property & lifestyle magazine based in the East Midlands with an estimated readership of 80,000.
  • All content is my own including all images and recipes.
  • Design by Katie Turnbull Illustration and Design

Issue 01 – ‘Kickstart your 2018’

  • ‘Kickstart your 2018’ย is about how making simple changes to you diet, such as eating more fibre and oily fish, can help you to be healthier all year around.
  • Feature 1: Eat more fibre
  • Feature 2: Eat more oily fish
  • Recipe: Pesto Baked Salmon

The-Whistle_Iss.1-HR-v2-001The Whistle_Iss.1_Enzo v5

Issue 02 – ‘Say hello to Spring’

  • TBC

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