– Food Science & Nutrition Student / University of Leeds
– Live and working in Leicester
– Aspiring food blogger and writer
– Lover of Italian food & wine

My food:

I’m hugely inspired by Italian food. The simplicity, the focus on fresh ingredients and the distinct regionality, for me, are only a few examples of what makes it so special. As you can probably tell my by name I have an Italian family background, so it’s the food I know best and have grown up with. I’ve also recently returned from an incredible 34 day food and wine tour of Italy with my sister, Bekki. You can read about our experiences under the Italy section of my blog menu.

Having studied Food Technology and now studying for a degree in Food Science & Nutrition, I have a wide theoretical knowledge of cooking and baking, as well as nutrition and health related issues. I aim to share this knowledge through my recipes, and pass on helpful skills, techniques and advice to help with your home cooking. As a student, I hate waste and try to cook healthy and affordable meals, although you can’t always be good so I have plenty of indulgent recipes to enjoy occasionally too.

I don’t just do Italian food, my recipes are inspired by many different cuisines and styles. I’m a meat eater, but make a mix of tasty vegetarian, meat and fish recipes because I don’t believe in eating meat just for the sake of it being on the plate. After all, protein is only supposed to make up a small proportion of the average diet – we eat far too much as it is! In terms of the balance between health/nutrition and food, I strongly believe in enjoying things in moderation. I’d sooner enjoy a piece of red meat or some proper buffalo mozzarella occasionally, rather than having chicken and reduced fat mozzarella regularly. The key message in nutritional literature is about balance – rather than making sacrifices and following fad diets!

In essence, I aim for my food to be delicious, visually attractive and healthy. I hope you are inspired to make something you never thought or knew you could make.