Homemade Raspberry Daiquiris

These raspberry daiquiris are sweet and fruity, yet sharp from the lime, and have a really good kick of rum! They’re made with fresh crushed raspberries so they taste really fresh, and don’t have that really intense sweetness you get from the processed syrups and pre-made mixers.  A daiquiri is one of the easiest types of cocktail to make at home – simply crush the fruit, add sugar, lime, rum and ice, then shake, strain and serve.

You do not need to be a bartender to make great cocktails. If you get the proportions and the technique just right, they can be really delicious made right in your own kitchen. They always go down well with my housemates and friends at Uni, so I hope you have a go at this tried-and-tested recipe. You can personalise them just the way you like them too, for example adding a bit more sugar if you like them sweeter, or more lime for a sharper taste. You can you use whatever fruit you want in these daiquiris. I like raspberries because they’re quite sharp so balance the sugar well, but strawberries, mango and passionfruit all work well too. However the best thing about making them at home is that it’s so much cheaper! The standard price in a bar for a daiquiri is about £7-8 depending on where you go, and they don’t always have fresh fruit in. Mine are made with a premium white rum and fresh fruit, and only cost £1.77 each! You can make them for about £1.23 with a supermarket’s own brand too!

You can serve them in any glass you like really, but I bought a cheap set of martini glasses from TK Maxx just to get the same experience you’d get at a bar. They cost me £1.50 each and have lasted for nearly two years now. They’re perfect for entertaining and special occasions. Standard household tumbler glasses are too big for a daiquiri because it’s a short drink served ‘straight up’ (not over ice), so it wouldn’t fill the glass. It’s really worth investing in a full cocktail set including a shaker, a strainer, a fine mesh strainer and a double spirit jigger/measure.  For this particular recipe the only essentials you really need are  a cocktail shaker, a muddler (or a wooden spoon) and a form of strainer/sieve, but it’s cheaper and easier just to get a full set online for about £15, especially if you’re going to try some other recipes (I have more coming soon!). If you like cocktails, trust me, you will save a lot of money in the long run!

I really recommend going for a premium brand of rum. It makes them a little more expensive, but they just don’t taste the same with cheap rum. Cheaper rums taste quite harsh, whereas the premium brands are smoother and have a much nicer flavour. My favourite white rum is the Cuban 3 Year Old ‘Havana Club’ which is £17 in supermarkets, but Bacardi Carta Blanca works well too. I use the same rum for my classic mojitos – recipe coming soon! My final tip is to always buy your ice – it’s super cheap and just the right size and you can seal the bag with a clip. If the ice is too small it will melt quickly and dilute your cocktail too much. Ice is also really good at absorbing other smells and flavours, which is not good for cocktails. If you use homemade ice from ice trays, there’s a pretty good chance your cocktail will taste like the food in your freezer!

This recipe uses a standard sugar syrup which I make myself. It can be kept airtight in the fridge for up to a month. It’s really easy – mix equal amounts of caster sugar and boiling water, mix to dissolve, then allow to cool. The perfect amount for two daiquiris is 50 g sugar and 50 g / 50 ml water. I just weight the sugar into a jug and then add the water until the scale totals 100 g.

Ingredients – for 2 raspberry daiquiris (fits perfectly in a standard size cocktail shaker):

– 50 g fresh raspberries (approx. 15 raspberries)
– 2 x double measure of white rum (100 ml)
– 2 x double measure of chilled sugar syrup (100 ml), Recipe Above.
– 1 juicy lime, rolled around on a board to release the juices
– large handful of ice


– cocktail shaker
– cocktail muddler (or then end of a wooden spoon, it’s just to crush the raspberries)
– cocktail strainer (or a sieve)
– plastic straw


1. Add a few ice cubes to each serving glass and top up with water (this is just to chill the glasses)
2. Tip the raspberries and the juice of the lime into the bottom of the shaker and crush well with a muddler/spoon.
3. Add the sugar syrup and rum, then fill 3/4 full with ice cubes.
4. Attach the lid firmly and shake vigorously for 15 seconds. TIP: If you find that the lid leaks, leave it to stand for 30 seconds and as the ice lowers the temperature, the metal will contract sealing the lid tightly.
5. Use a straw to taste a bit of the shaken cocktail, then adjust with more sugar/lime/fruit and quickly shake/stir again, if necessary. TIP: To pick up a little bit of the cocktail, immerse one end of the the straw in the liquid, place you finger over the other end tightly, then lift out (still pressing down on one end firmly) and taste.
6. When you’re happy with the flavour, tip away the water/ice in the glasses then strain the mixture evenly into the chilled glasses. Garnish with a slice of lime on the rim of the glass.



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