Day 20 – Verona

After a lazy day wandering through Verona we found a little cafรจ for a late lunch around 3pm. A little carb’d out again, Bekki had a classic Greek salad with plenty of black olives and tangy feta cheese. I can pretty much always enjoy a bowl of pasta, and was craving some seafood having not had time in Venice, so went for the fresh tagliatelle with king prawns, garlic, & sun-dried tomatoes served with a drizzle of whipped marscapone. The prawns were so tender, sweet and flavoursome, and worked beautifully with the intense tomato and creamy marscapone.

We stopped for an Aperol spritz and a beer in the evening near the Casa di Giulietta. We were presented with the most ridiculous and random aperitif snack selection – carrot sticks, ham sandwiches, potato croquettes, mini pizzas, salsa and mozzarella balls (which tasted a bit off ๐Ÿ˜ฌ). Our first poor aperitif food of the trip โ˜น๏ธ. The drinks were nice though!

On the way home to get ready for dinner we stumbled across a tiny cocktail bar called ‘Archivio’ just a couple of streets from the Piazza delle Erbe. Customers were packed inside and spilling out into the streets. They had a small handwritten menu of carefully crafted cocktails which change on a monthly basis. Our cocktail was made with rosemary gin and was absolutely incredible! The pride that went into each drink was remarkable – the rosemary garnish pegged to our glass was smoked in front of us with a blowtorch at the last second, and all for โ‚ฌ6. Excellent bar and bargain prices for central Verona!

After catching up on a couple of blogs we went for a late dinner outside of the city centre. We had officially reached the inevitable and dreaded moment of Italian food overkill. Nothing seemed appealing so we ate at ‘buns’ gourmet burgers, a trendy student place we’d read about who serve only proper burgers with unique toppings, and as you can imagine all served in proper bread buns. Bekki’s mexican style burger was topped with fresh homemade guacamole, crispy bacon and local cheese. I went for their house burger, a simple patty of 100% ground beef cooked medium and stacked with salad, bacon, cheese, pickles and rosemary mayonnaise. The same mayo was served with the crispy skin on fries – it was amazing, definitely going to be trying that one at home!

Verona & Venice were both gorgeous stops on our foodie tour, but now we’re off to another new, and perhaps even more beautiful destination – Lake Garda! Also super excited to be reunited with my uni friends who just happen to be staying at the same hotel ๐Ÿ˜


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