Day 7- Rome

After a late breakfast of cappuccinos and croissants in a nearby cafรจ, we headed towards the Vatican. We arrived just in time to hear Papa Francesco deliver the Angelus prayer to the people of St. Peter’s square – so amazing to watch & something we missed out on last time.

We took a long walk through the streets of Rome, visiting the colosseum and stopping for gelato outside the trevi fountain – mainly because we were still full from last night to eat much else. Italian gelato has less air and fat incorporated than normal ice cream, so the flavours are more intense, the texture is smoother & it has a glossy appearance. I had raspberry, mango & tiramisu (made with real espresso and savioardi biscuits)

After walking about 12km around Rome and a sudden feeling of intense hunger on the way back, we had to break into our emergency cereal bar – really gross ๐Ÿ˜ญ and not worth blogging about. Although the pizza with rocket, chorizo & mozzarella we picked up on the way back was really tasty ๐Ÿ•.

In the evening, we wanted to try more local Roman dishes so wandered around Trastevere looking for somewhere with a traditional menu. We eventually settled on a little trattoria called Aristocampo, with a stereotypical exterior but amazing menu with daily specials. Our first courses were

Spaghetti olio e pepperoncino (garlic, olive oil & chilli) and fresh fettuccine with tomatoes, courgette and fresh prawns – both were beautifully simple and delicious. For mains we had chicken cacciatore (chicken roasted with garlic, white wine & rosemary) served with polenta, and braised oxtail in a tomato sauce. the oxtail was incredibly tender and gave the sauce so much flavour. We noticed that the food here was really well seasoned, enhancing all the flavours. They were very keen to present the image that were ‘anti war and tourist menu’, which was reflected in the traditional menu, but based on the service they were just anti tourist in general ๐Ÿ˜‚. But the food was great so who cares.ย 

There was a lovely wine bar next door to the guesthouse serving over 450 labels of fine Italian wines. We shared most of a red from the Lazio region which was also delicious. We enjoyed the rest of it last night in Siena after the most incredible steak I’ve ever tasted. Can’t wait to blog about it later – playing catch up tonight and having a night in watching films due to the horrendous storms in Siena โ›ˆ


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