Day 6 – Rome

Rome is such a beautiful city and has a very distinct regional cuisine compared with the rest of Italy. In the past, The majority of Roman citizens were fairly poor, so made use of off cuts of meat, offal and few ingredients. Today the variety of food available has increased significantly, but the traditional little trattorias and osterias that line the cobbled streets still serve the most delicious and simple pastas, meat dishes & homemade desserts. We researched a lot about where to stay in Rome, paying particular attention to locals’ advice. We chose Trastevere, a vibrant area west of the River with excellent bars and restaurants – popular with students and food lovers. Trastevere has 100% surpassed all expectations, the food and wine is incredible and inexpensive and there is so much to choose from. We found a great little trattoria (Sette Oche) in the back streets and had a wonderful lunch of two Classic Roman pastas – amatriciana (guanciale, tomato and pecorino) and carbonara (egg, black pepper, guanciale & pecorino/parmesan – absolutely no cream 😭 I really don’t know why we use it in Britain). Afterwards we had a homemade tiramisu which was the best one I’ve ever tasted! After wandering around the shops we went out for a late dinner. The streets in Trastevere were lively and full of people queueing for tables outside the little restaurants. We waited outside for a trattoria I’d read about and were pleasantly surprised to find they were serving prosecco for people waiting 🍾 and spraying the street sellers with water guns for pestering people while they were eating 😂. The restaurant had a great atmosphere, with lots of music and friendly waiters. The food was once again amazing. To start we had a trio of bruschetta – Gorgonzola & walnut, mozzarella & prosciutto and classic tomato, as well as a Caprese with buffalo mozzarella and olives. For mains we had saltimbocca – veal escalope with prosciutto and sage butter, and sliced beef with rosemary & sea salt roasted potatoes. The Chianti was delicious and great value too.

By this point we were so full but couldn’t turn down a mojito in a cool bar we found on the walk home and ended the night on the hotel balcony with a cold Peroni.

Excited to relax tomorrow and see some of the famous landmarks in Rome as well as The Pope delivering prayers in the Vatican from his balcony ⛪️

Instagram: @eatwithenzo



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