Days 4/5 -Mondragone

We eventually made it to the Mondragone after two boats, a change in Capri, a bus and a difficult train journey, and plenty of baggage regrets in the 30 degree heat 😭

Donata & Mario (great aunt & uncle) came to to pick us up from the station and took us to their beautiful home. We soon met the rest of the family – Salvatore, His wife Anna and their children Donata & Fatima. We all had a lovely few days together – shopping at the market, strolling along the Mondragone beach, and getting to know each other. So glad we got the chance to meet such wonderful, generous and kind hearted people.

Donata cooked some amazing food for us -the pasta sauces were just incredible having slow cooked for hours all morning and afternoon. Our personal highlight was being full after a plate of delicious pasta for lunch then being presented with an entire ball of buffalo mozzarella each, more bread and followed by fresh fruit 😂

Sad to say goodbye to them all but it really was an incredible experience and hope to see them all again soon.

Next stop, Rome 🚊🇮🇹


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