Day 2 – Positano 

Last night we were given a chalkboard to write what time we wanted to have breakfast and woke this morning to a little Italian lady preparing us a meal to eat on the terrace. Both in Sorrento and Positano we have been given coffee, toast and jams as well as cheese & ham toasties – apparently that’s a normal thing to eat for breakfast here (not complaining at all). Wish I could take this hand painted patio table in my suitcase home as well!

We spent the majority of the day wandering through the little cobbled streets lined with shops selling beautiful handmade ceramics and linen clothing. We stood in an espresso bar to have a quick lunch of prosciutto sandwiches and cappuccinos before heading to the beach. On the way home we grabbed some bargain €0.90 marinated olives and a couple of bottles of peroni to enjoy as the sun set over the cliffs.

After a slight navigational mishap involving Apple maps and hundreds of unnecessary steps, we made it to dinner at a traditional roadside Italian pizzeria.We tried the house wine, which was not bad for €8. The tomato bruschetta and Wood-fired pizza topped with prosciutto, rocket & parmesan were simple, delicious and cheap – as most great Italian food is. Mine was of course made into the same heart shape as Bekki’s 🤔. Looking forward to a boat trip to Capri tomorrow (providing the winds settle down) visiting the various coves along the Amalfi Coast and hoping we make a miraculous recovery from our previous history of motion sickness 😳😷


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